Welcome to the personal website of Dimitris Dimitrakas!

Dimitris Dimitrakas has been active in the circuit of Greek pop & rock music since the late 1960's. During his career he has been part of several bands, including Panx Romana, Ριφιφί (Rififi), T.V.C., Schmetterling, Συμμορία (Simoria), Δούρειος Ίππος/Σρίμανση (Durios Ipos/Srimansi), and Θαρσείν Χρει (Tharsin Hri). In the late 1990's he embarked on his personal career as a singer with two CDs coming out the following years. In parallel with his carrier as a musician, he has also been active as a radio producer and a journalist for several music related magazines. During the latest years he has also been a producer/consultant for other artists.


The Greek parts of this website contain detailed information about Dimitris Dimitrakas, with pictures, music samples, lyrics, and other material from his entire career as a musician as well as journalist and producer.


Panx Romana






Δημήτρης Δημητράκας


Δούρειος Ίππος (Σρίμανση)


Θαρσείν Χρει